Teeth clean & polish Leigh on Sea

Teeth clean & polish Leigh on Sea.

Standard cleaning & polishing service

Standard hygienist appointments For those who prefer the traditional method, this can be carried out by using hand instruments, an ultrasonic scaler or the blended technique of both. Followed by a conventional polish using coarse paste to remove any staining from the teeth.

We believe in prevention over cure. Regular dental hygienist appiontments will prevent expensive dental treatments in the future.

Teeth clean and polish services for client in Leigh on Sea

Whats happens?

We discuss any oral health concerns with you. A thorough examination is carried out to check the health of the mouth, soft tissues, and gums. We then proceed to clean the teeth and gums and polish the teeth to remove staining and brighten your smile. Your hygienist will then tailor some oral-health instruction to your needs, including demonstrating how to floss and use interdental brushes correctly. Our typical recall periods for dental hygienist treatment is either: 3 monthly, 4 monthly, 6 monthly or annually - Depending on lifestyle and diet.

Why should you visit the dental hygienist?

It doesn’t matter how meticulous you are about brushing and flossing your teeth, it is still possible to miss areas that need cleaning, especially if you have an overcrowded mouth or find it hard to reach all of your tooth surfaces.

Even with a top of the range electric toothbrush, your dental hygienist will have special industry-designed tools and equipment that allow them to perform a more thorough clean than you can manage by yourself at home.

Because dental hygienists are specially trained in the latest oral hygiene techniques they are able to effectively treat and manage your gum disease from a very early stage to help prevent it from developing into periodontal disease.

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Happy client after standard teeth cleaning and polishing in Leigh on Sea

How often should I visit the dental hygienist?

Our typical recall periods for a clean and polish appointment

Depending on lifestyle, you should book in with your dental hygienist 1-4 times a year. Prevention over cure, regular dental hygienist appointments will prevent expensive dental treatments in the future.

Regularly and take the advice your dental hygienist at Wisdom dental Leigh on sea will help to prevent any problems from occurring long term, having a clean and polish doesn’t only help your oral health but it promotes good general health too.

Book in your standard routine dental hygiene treatment with our dental hygienists today at Wisdom dental Leigh on sea.

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Difference between a standard dental hygienist appointment and Airflow?

Within both appointments, the hygienist will assess the oral health of your mouth, checking gum health and carrying out oral health screening. However, a standard dental hygienist appointment incorporates the traditional methods of scaling with an ultrasonic scaler or hand scalers or the blended technique of both.

The Airflow dental hygiene treatment, uses the new innovative technology of a different machine to blast fine flavoured powders, jets of water and pressurised air to give you the ultimate clean, getting to places even you didn’t think you could. It comes in different flavours, of your choice, to create a totally different hygienist experience.

The treatment plans we offer

WisdomPlan A

The ultimate dental plan

2x Airflow dental hygienist appointments

2x Dental check-ups including x-rays


Included benefits

  • 2x Check-up
  • 2x X-ray
  • 2x Hygiene treatments

Additional perks

  • Free consultation for whiter teeth
  • Free referrals to specialists
  • Discount emergency appointment

About this plan

The ultimate dental plan, with your yearly routine dental appointments covered. With an allowance of 2 x Airflow dental hygienist cleans and 2 x dental check-ups including X-rays to keep your smile at it's best.


An upgrade to your standard scale and polish. Airflow uses pressurised air, water and flavoured fine particles to gently remove surface staining from all those hard-to-reach areas. Keep your smile clean and healthy.

Dental check-up:

Regular check-ups to keep your mouth healthy and more importantly, your general health. Here at Wisdom Dental we believe prevention is better than cure.