BlancOne Teeth Whitening Leigh on Sea

teeth whitening Leigh on Sea.

The ultimate, one-day, dental hygiene and whitening appointment.

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Combine your Airflow dental hygiene appointment with our Blanc one in-chair teeth whitening treatment.

For an instant whiter, brighter smile in just one easy visit.

Ideal for patients who have had teeth whitening treatment before and need a top-up!

Simply add onto your hygiene appointment for a cleaner, healthier, whiter smile all within one appointment.

Thanks to the BlancOne technology, whitening becomes a cosmetic treatment available to all, with excellent results in 10-30 minutes, gentle to the enamel and the gums.

Our ‘in-chair’ treatment is perfect for those with busy lifestyles and schedules.

Our patients can enjoy, right after the hygiene session, a visibly whiter and brighter smile at a very competitive price and without sensitivity issues!

Girl smiling with teeth on show

Sensitive teeth?

Blanc one is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive teeth. BlancOne whitening treatments can combine effectiveness and safety, guaranteeing immediately visible results without side effects and risks for teeth and gums for your patients.

  • Low percentages of hydrogen peroxide
  • No metal catalysts (Fenton reaction)
  • Without having to recur to excessively acid or alkaline pH
  • No sensitivity issues
  • No teeth dehydration
  • No desensitising and remineralising agents
  • No special diet required

Why do I need to see a dentist prior to whitening treatment?

Within the UK, teeth whitening is heavily regulated. It is illegal for anybody other than a dentist to prescribe teeth whitening, although your dental professional can carry it out, an appointment with a dentist is required to ensure you are dentally fit before treatment. Anybody selling teeth whitening who isn’t a dentist is breaking the UK law.