Composite Bonding Leigh on Sea

Composite bonding Leigh on Sea

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding, or dental bonding, is the process of filling gaps and restoring minor damage in teeth

It helps to perfect smiles without harming teeth!

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Composite dental Bonding, also referred to as composite veneers. is less invasive and more affordable than porcelain dental veneers.

This composite bonding treatment consists of thin layers of tooth coloured composite resin which are placed over the surface of the tooth to improve an individual's smile appearance. Often combined with Invisalign as part of your smile makeover to achieve your dream smile.

Fix minor imperfections with composite bonding with our dentist at Wisdom dental Leigh on sea. Hides chips, cracks, gaps and discolouration with composite bonding.

Before and after composite dental bonding for customer in Leigh on Sea

How is composite bonding done?

Dental composite is a versatile material that can be bonded directly to the tooth to replace a broken edge, to lighten teeth, to improve tooth proportions and form, or to redesign your entire smile.

How long does composite bonding last?

Composite bonding lasts up to 5 years with the correct care. After this time, you can either use composite bonding to restore your smile again, or choose a more permanent restoration such as veneers.

Composite bonding
(2-4 Teeth)

  • Smile makeover packages £800
  • *finance from only £20 per month

Composite bonding
(6-8 Teeth)

  • Smile makeover packages £1800
  • *finance from only £37 per month

Composite bonding (8-10 Teeth)

  • Smile makeover packages£2400
  • *finance from only £49 per month

Difference between composite bonding and veneers?

Porcelain veneers are generally more durable than composite bonds, however, both can last for many years with proper aftercare. If damage does occur, bonds can easily be repaired, while cracked veneers will need to be replaced.

But they aim to achieve the same outcome: a healthy looking, bright and beautiful smile.

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How much is composite bonding?

Since composite bonding is a relatively uncomplicated dental procedure it is more affordable than other smile enhancing dental treatments.

Book a consultation with our dentists at Wisdom Dental Leigh on sea to talk through your composite bonding treatment.

Composite tooth bonding

Your composite bonding consultation

Book your consultation with our dentist in Leigh on Sea. During your consultation, we can discuss the full range of possible treatments, whether it be Invisalign, veneers (composite or porcelain) or dental bonding.

We often offer bonding in conjunction with teeth whitening. This is especially popular after invisalign to improve their teeth even further.

We usually recommend that you carry out your professional teeth whitening first as it helps to see the final colour of your teeth before we add the composite bonding.

We can then use a perfectly matched colour of composite to improve the tooth’s appearance for your perfect smile.

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