Airflow Dental Treatments in Leigh on Sea

Airflow Treatment Leigh on Sea.

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This contact-free treatment allows our dental hygienists to remove surface staining, plaque and tartar without the need for scraping. A jet of water, pressurised air and flavoured fine particles gently remove surface staining from all those hard-to-reach areas. Airflow treatment is also suitable for veneers, bridges, dental implants and composite bonding.

Upgrade your standard dental hygienist appointment to Airflow today!

The next generation of dental hygiene treatments.

Air-Flow Plus dental hygienist tool

Pain free • Flavoured powders • Incredible stain removal

Will it hurt?

Airflow is a painless, fast and non-invasive method of cleaning. Teeth are cleaned in a much less abrasive manner, which leads to a more comfortable experience.

Why airflow?

The powerful jet polishes all the surfaces of a tooth, removing plaque, discolouration and soft deposits. This enhanced cleaning procedure helps to clean the spots that brushing can miss. It is far more effective and efficient than traditional scale and polishing.

Upgrade your Dental hygienist appointment today!

Sensitive teeth?

I suffer from sensitive teeth so will it be suitable for me?

Airflow is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive teeth because the technique does not generate any heat or vibration in the teeth.

What’s your flavour?

Lemon flavoured Airflow dental powder Mint flavoured Air-Flow Plus dental powder Cherry flavoured Air-Flow dental hygiene powder Neutral Airflow dental hygiene flavouring powder

Choose your flavour from our selection of tasty powders, which are combined with a jet of water and pressurised air to
remove plaque and staining.

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dental hygienist holding up Air-Flow machine and spraying water jet

Difference between a standard dental hygienist appointment and airflow?

Within both appointments, the hygienist will assess the oral health of your mouth, checking gum health and carrying out oral health screening. However, a standard dental hygienist appointment incorporates the traditional methods of scaling with an ultrasonic scaler or hand scalers or the blended technique of both.

The airflow dental hygiene treatment, uses the new innovative technology of a different machine to blast fine flavoured powders, jets of water and pressurised air to give you the ultimate clean, getting to places even you didn’t think you could. It comes in different flavours, of your choice, to create a totally different hygienist experience.

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The treatment plans we offer

WisdomPlan A

The ultimate dental plan

2x Airflow dental hygienist appointments

2x Dental check-ups including x-rays


Included benefits

  • 2x Check-up
  • 2x X-ray
  • 2x Hygiene treatments

Additional perks

  • Free consultation for whiter teeth
  • Free referrals to specialists
  • Discount emergency appointment

About this plan

The ultimate dental plan, with your yearly routine dental appointments covered. With an allowance of 2 x Airflow dental hygienist cleans and 2 x dental check-ups including X-rays to keep your smile at it's best.


An upgrade to your standard scale and polish. Airflow uses pressurised air, water and flavoured fine particles to gently remove surface staining from all those hard-to-reach areas. Keep your smile clean and healthy.

Dental check-up:

Regular check-ups to keep your mouth healthy and more importantly, your general health. Here at Wisdom Dental we believe prevention is better than cure.